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Winter Picnic in the Middle of the City

2 Feb

I’m not a winter person – growing up in Poland, I’ve seen enough snow to last me a lifetime, and the short winter days always make me feel a bit blue. Being a bit of a digital nomad, I was lucky enough to spend most of  Autumn and Winter in the Middle East, enjoying the clear blue skies and the summer sun… Sadly, sometimes good things come to an end and I’m now back in Newcastle, trying to find new ways of fighting the winter blues!

One of the things I love about spring and summer, and which I’m cruelly deprived of  in Winter, are picnics! You can only imagine my delight when I “discovered” Garden Kitchen – a wonderfully rustic café bistro in Eldon Garden offering an actual picnic menu, with food served on unbelievably cute, miniature picnic tables! The café itself  has a lovely, spring-like feel to it,  with light, wooden décor, watering cans, bell lights and lush plants adding even more charm to the place. Now to the most exciting part..the picnic menu! You get to choose between the signature Garden Picnic with a selection of finger sandwiches, soup, salads, lamb koftas, cheese and brownies (yum!); a slightly lighter, vegetarian  Allotment Picnic, and The Afternoon Picnic, which is what I opted for. Picnic menus change regularly:

Garden Kitchen Afternoon Picnic

Garden Kictnen Picnic Menu

Garden Kitchen picnic menu

The food, a delicious modern take on the traditional British cuisine, was served with a real attention to detail which I loved – from the teeny marmalade  jars, rustic wooden boards and the miniature picnic table, the whole experience was a delight! I’ll be sure to be back soon…

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